One of the main things that unites us all at Your Daily Slice is our love of writing.

I have always been a writer.

When I lost my sister at a young age, I wrote.

When I suffered those teen years of anguish, I wrote.

When I was grounded as a result of that teen anguish, I wrote. (Loooong, tormented letters to my best friends.)

When I was in the darkest of places with depression, I wrote.

Even as I went through a long spell of not writing at all, feeling like a fraud as family and friends still called me a writer, I felt it deep down.

I was meant to write.

When I had my first baby girl, as I settled into my role as a stay at home mother, a sense of loss settled on me. I was unsure of where I now fitted in the grand scheme of things; I felt I had nothing to offer anyone anymore.

Then one day, after a push from a very close friend, I started to write again. And it saved me. The flood gates opened and it all came pouring out – the good, the bad and the ugly. And it felt sooooo good.

Writing is, and always has been, a form of creative therapy for me.

And now, the written word plays a huge part in my little family. I truly believe it is such an important foundation to give your kids – the love of reading and story telling. It opens up a whole world of imagination, new vocabulary and new ideas.



Dr Seuss is a big favourite in our house. I grew up loving his tongue-twisting tales and wacky illustrations, and now both my girls have their own favourites. It’s easy to see how some of his stories are the best selling books of all time!



And as a parent, I understand now more than ever the positive messages his stories carry for children.



Studies have shown that reading to our kids, even in early infancy, has a lasting effect on language, literacy and early reading skills. And with Ireland having one of the highest literacy rates in Europe, it seems we parents are doing a pretty good job of it!

Each and every book is a door to our imagination.

And if we can give that gift to our kids heaven knows where their little feet will take them…


Check out your local library and the numerous events they run for kids such as the Summer Stars reading programme or Saturday afternoon story times. And membership is completely free!