The wedding day had gone off perfectly – Sarah wasn’t too late to the church, Scott had only had one drink to settle the nerves, and so had gotten through the vows without so much as a stutter.

The rain had even cleared off just enough for them to get the photos done in the hotel garden before the meal. Even the speeches had gone pretty well – Scott’s brother and best man Paul had lightened the mood after a suitably somber moment’s pause for Sarah’s dad. And now the disco was in full flow, as was the free bar.

Scott looked with pity at the young barmen, swamped with well-dressed but well drunk people of all ages. He felt a swell of pride as he looked across the dance floor at relatives from both sides mixing well and enjoying themselves. His pride grew when he saw his new bride almost floating from table to table, chatting with old school friends and new in-laws with equal ease.

Then he felt a swell of a different kind – bathroom calling.

All those pints had to go somewhere I suppose,” he muttered to himself. He made his way to the toilets in the lobby, a little less steady than he planned. Shite, the queue was out the door. He felt his jacket pocket for the room key to the honeymoon suite and thought “Hey, why not?

Up in the elevator to the top floor and the last door on the left. As he relieved himself he heard the suite door open and close.

Were you caught short too love?” he called out as he zipped up. He stopped in his tracks when he saw not Sarah, but her sister and chief bridesmaid Annie, sitting on the bed. The marital bed. Among the rose petals, swigging out of the bottle of complimentary champagne.

Hey Scottie,” she slurred.

Annie, you can’t be here. We talked about this.” Scott stammered, suddenly sober. He went to help her up off the bed, but she managed to lay back, pulling him down on top of her. “No, Annie, come on. We agreed that Edinburgh was a mistake. A once off mistake. I’m married now, to your sister as well!

Ya, ya,” she replied “but you know, and I know, I can do things she won’t. Things you like.”

No, that’s not right!” Scott denied, moving back. But not fast enough. Annie grabbed his arm, and he slipped on those damned silk sheets. She took her chance and straddled him, her hand on his crotch.

Ah, little Scott says different,” she purred, feeling him grow against her palm. She started to unbuckle his trousers, reaching inside.

No, I can’t; not here, not tonight.” he protested. But Annie was in full-flow now. She lowered his trousers, taking him in her hands.

Please Annie,” he pleaded, in one last desperate attempt “she’s your sister.”

But you’re my bitch,” she growled. She hitched up her bridesmaid dress. Scott tried to wriggle away, but she fixed him with a stare and said, “If you don’t fuck me right here, right now, I’m going to tell everyone that you did!

Scott stopped, thinking what that would mean for Sarah, her family, his family. A smile spread across Annie’s face as she saw the realization dawn on his. She had him now.