Today I visited Simplicite Wellbeing & Beauty Clinic in Straffan for a lovely, wellbeing treatment. Having met the beautiful Emma, Owner/Manager of Simplicite, the previous week for a chat about her business, I was now introduced to Rachel who was to be the lady to take away all my stress and worries.

I was not convinced!

Rachel took me into a beautiful, softly lit room that smelled divine!



She explained what my treatment ‘Mindful Moments’ would entail. A beautiful plush robe was given to me and I was instructed to remove my clothes and get comfortable. She had me at remove your bra, the ultimate treat for any woman!

Firstly, I had to choose which oils Rachel would be using. It’s important to pick one that you like as it is used to massage your legs, feet, head, back and shoulders.

The choice of organic oils included; Connect and Nurture, Uplift and Energise, Focus and Clarity. I chose Uplift and Energise as my energy levels had been low lately.



My feet were soaked in a bowl of hot water. Rachel then massaged the oils into my feet and legs. The stress was melting from me already!

Next my head and neck were massaged with Rachel’s magic hands. She then asked if it was okay to put the oils through my hair; at this point I would have agreed to anything! And I will say, when I washed my hair later that day it was so soft and felt great.

Then it was up onto the bed for Rachel to work on my back, neck and shoulders. My shoulders are where I carry all my stress. As I spend so much time at my computer writing, my neck gets stiff. Usually I struggle to relax, but this was amazing.

It was only after a few minutes I realised the bed was heated. I had been floating above it: Heaven!

The treatment lasted an hour but I had lost all track of time, a true sign that I had finally switched off!



Afterwards, I was treated to a glass of fresh lemon and cucumber water. To be honest, I felt so relaxed I had to sit for a while and reset myself before I drove home.

I had the most beautiful sense of relaxation, happiness and peace within myself. I had a healthy lunch that afternoon and sat for a while in the garden, still tingling from the beautiful massage.

I then had an amazing burst of energy for the rest of the day. My body had been re-energised.

As Mums, we do not give ourselves enough time to regenerate so we can be at our best. We need to treat ourselves; not just our body, but our mind and soul as well. I can wholeheartedly recommend this treatment.

A huge, huge thank you to Emma and Rachel for a beautiful time spent at the Simplicite Wellbeing & Beauty Clinic.


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