Meet the Team


Adelle Kenny

 Adelle works full-time, with ambitions to be a published author one day. She is muddling her way through life as a multiple mam and shares her honest accounts of the swings and roundabouts that parenting brings on her blog DodeestoDaquiris. In between the usual tantrums, trials and tribulations, the twins determination to outwit her allows Adelle to share their humour in her writing and provides plenty of material to keep everyone entertained – which ultimately fuels her passion for writing.

Adelle’s non-fiction work has been published in anthologies with the Imagine, Write, Inspire writers group and someday she hopes to see her own novels on the Amazon bestsellers list – dream big!

Being a multiple mam who works full-time keeps her grounded, so she escapes from time-to-time into the world of children’s fashion or to find the perfect tea dress, a passion which has led to her being on a first name basis with most courier companies. Life is hectic but full of giggles along the way!  

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Amellia Halley

“I’m just a girl, standing in front of my fridge, asking for inspiration!”

Amellia is a stay at home mum to three ravenous boys and their ever increasing appetites. A keen home-cook, she regularly experiments with new recipes, using her husband and boys as guinea pigs. She is passionate about cooking wholesome, comforting food, suitable for all family members. Amellia’s cooking adventures have taken a leap in the last few years, becoming a moderator and regular contributor to the Home Cooks Ireland Group, launching her own Instagram page and now coming on board Your Daily Slice to give us all some delicious inspiration!
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Clara Carey

Clara is in her early (we think early) 40’s. She is just like any other regular middle-aged Irish mammy that you pass by in the street. She burns in the sunshine, her skinny jeans are a little too tight and she pretends that almond milk is nicer than the real deal.

Except that she’s not the regular Irish mammy, because who is? The stay at home mammy? The working mammy? The mammy who drinks too much wine or the one who drinks none?

Her opinions are strong and her emotions are many. She writes from the heart and with honesty about life and family. She likes to be challenged and asked her opinion, and Lord, oh Lord, she loves to pontificate! There are times (admittedly with a glass of wine in hand) that she could give Bono a run for his money. We hope that you will enjoy her ramblings!


Deirdre Reidy

Mother of two, wife of one, keeper of the peace and finder of lost things. She knows how to programme the smart heating system in her home, and enjoys talking to Alexa about her shopping lists and all things Shopkins.

Deirdre is too busy to lose her marbles so uses writing as a creative outlet; it is cheaper than therapy after all! She has had several articles published in magazines and on lifestyle web-sites. She has known the dizzying heights of winning the odd flash fiction and micro fiction competition, and also has been delighted to have had some of her stories published in anthologies.

Should you feel so inclined to take a peep, she sporadically writes flash fiction pieces on her site “Flashes of Fiction”.


Ellen Brophy

On completing her Make Up Artist course, Ellen fancied giving blogging a go. After her family grew times three, she soon realised that having once referred to her brushes as her babies, the real life humans were taking over. Her writing developed and now she’s proud to call herself a Mammy Blogger. Her children are her daily muses and they never leave her short of things to write.

On her website Blush, Belly and BabiesEllen has broached subjects as varied as leaving her partner to the fact that she never wants to own a dog. Her honest approach pulls no punches. She’s a straight talker but her favourite type of writing is designed to make people smile. Her Facebook page contains comedy sketches that she records with the help of her children. Ellen hopes to do more sketch work in the future.

Having just finished a full time course that saw her qualify as a Beauty Therapist she now has a little more time to spend indulging in her passion. Her fearless attitude and funny stories will have you thinking and laughing in equal measure.


Emma Power

Emma is a Cork-born writer, foodie and stressed out mum of three, living in New Zealand for the past five years. Her goal as a writer is to ease the pain of parenting for others,one anecdote at a time.


She worked as a journalist for years, then met and married a Kiwi called Sam. She went on to have two babies in Ireland before emigrating to New Zealand in 2013, and decided to have a kiwi baby over there in the hope that her Irish relatives would visit her. Unfortunately, her plan didn’t work, but luckily Amy was a good baby so she decided to keep her Kiwi kid.


Emma’s kids are now eight, six and three, and like every mum she is constantly trying to find a balance between being a good parent but also fulfilling her own needs – a battle that is never ending! Writing has always been a great outlet for Emma, and if she can help even one stressed out parent get through a tough day, then that is awesome!


“I’m excited to be part of the Daily Slice team and I look forward to sharing my adventures in parenthood with you all.”


Mum In The Mirror

Mum In The Mirror is currently employed by her family as Chief Operating Officer and Random Item Locator. Her passions include sitting in traffic, telling her children to put something on their feet and writing lists. In her free time she enjoys singing, scribbling and more recently, amateur dramatics.

Her preferred choice of footwear is Converse and she wore a rather fetching pair to meet the President of Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day last year. He didn’t seem too concerned by her choice of shoe but her mother is still not over the shame of it.

Mum In The Mirror’s children provide most of the material for her writing. They are loveable lunatics with their Mum’s horrendous sense of humour so the inspiration is constant and plentiful!!

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Michelle Teahan

Michelle is a former scientist turned stay at home mum to her two beautiful girls – who are her inspiration and ultimate motivation to follow her passion for writing. Her passion and kind, supportive nature is in turn an inspiration to her fellow writers.


Michelle dreams of being a published novelist one day and to own a book shop, but who doesn’t want their very own book shop?! Her young adult novel She-Wolf was long listed for the Fish Unpublished Young Adult Novel prize in 2015. She has also written for The M Word and Mummy Pages.


You can find her blogging away on Facebook under Mammy May I?


The Cynical Dad

I’ve just crested the hill of 40, and feel every bit of it. I remember laughing at a Billy Connolly routine where he spoke about making noises now that didn’t happen when he was younger. I no longer laugh. I make involuntary sighs and groans when picking things up; I take a deep breath before getting out of an armchair; and my knees – oh how I miss having knees that work!!

My own little slice of purgatory parenting heaven involves reporting 24/7 to 3 miniature managers – a teenager, a tween and one still in single digits.

I spend most of every day ferrying the bosses around to school and their various activities, play dates, date dates and everything else. Any time not spent in the car is spent cleaning up after them, turning off lights (you’ll see this is a recurring theme), and trying to figure out what food sacrifices to offer up to satisfy them.

And in my spare time? Hahahahahahahaha! Funny.