Back in March, we were delighted to feature an article about Food, Fitness, Fertility and the two fantastic ladies that developed it – Emer and Siobhan.

Now we are even more delighted to welcome Siobhan to the Daily Slice team as our nutritional expert. Every month, she will be sharing nuggets of wisdom and advise on food, health and nutrition.


Siobhan is a primary school teacher, a mother of one and the wife of a farmer, who also teaches. While she was travelling the world after college, Siobhan realised just how unhealthy she really was so trained to become a personal trainer and then a nutritional therapist.

Siobhan is passionate about women’s health and in 2017, along with her friend Emer who is a women’s fitness expert, set up Food Fitness Fertility, a movement aimed at helping women optimise their fertility through food and exercise.

These days, Siobhan can be found avoiding standing in gaps by playing hide & seek, teaching, and reading everything she can on women’s and family health.  Drinking wine with friends while laughing until everything hurts is her favourite past time. 

Siobhan is looking forward to sharing all she learns and to learning from all that she reads.