Sharon Keegan, the founder of Peachy Lean, is taking a stand and getting the message out there. As women, we should be  ‘Lifting Women Up’. Finding your tribe is her vibe!

Sharon has launched a series of videos that are raw, emotional and certainly make an impact, to get this message across.

Sharon suffers with anxiety and depression, and has had severe post-natal depression in the past. But she decided to take control. How? Well she started going to the gym, the best place she found to help lift her spirits, regain her composure and give her the strength to be a Mum, and more importantly herself, once again.

Going back to the gym inspired Sharon to create proper gym attire to suit a Mother’s body – extra support where it’s needed. It takes a lot of courage for a Mum to return to the gym after giving birth, to put their changed body on display for everyone to see. For Sharon, the most important factor was to feel supported and comfortable.

That is how the idea for Peachy Lean was born.

Sharon is now due her second baby. And instead of lying down she is grabbing it by the virtual balls and sharing this fantastic message ‘Lifting Women Up’!

Sharon wants to know what inspires you ladies; Musically, Inspirationally, Mindfully, Spiritually and as a Mother.

Sharon wants to use social media as a positive space to inspire women, to give them drive and to encourage the up and coming generations of strong women.

So who has influenced you as a BAD ASS LADY? Do let us know.

Sharon is launching a series of videos across her social media and we are honoured to jump on board and share her message.

I met Sharon this year, and I have to say she has inspired me, lifted me up, given me new found confidence in my ability and has been there when I needed a top up! She really is a top lady, a true friend and a business woman not to be reckoned with!

When she walks into a room she really lights it up. She carries such an air of confidence, you would never know she had demons underneath it all. She is the right woman to get this kick-ass message across and get it up and running, to make a difference.