I’ve seen these headlines again and again on social media.

Tips on how to:

  • Avoid the breakfast buffet
  • Stay away from cocktails
  • Eliminate starters or desserts
  • Only eat 3 square meals
  • Go to bed early.

While all these are lovely in theory and work for some people, you don’t really want to be following a set of rules while on holidays. A set of rules that, if you were to break them, you can start feeling guilty and out of control.

These type of feelings (that you are forced to deal with on a daily basis at home, due to the in-your-face diet and clean-eating industry) only lead to binge-fests, anxiety and increased weight gain.

There are 52 weeks in the year. If you’re lucky to take 1 or 2 weeks of a holiday, don’t you think they should be guilt-free? Without rules, without anxiety, without feeling like you’re a failure because you ate the local desserts?


If you’ve made the decision to create lifestyle changes and you’re making better decisions most of the time, 50 weeks of the year, then hell yes you deserve a holiday where you’re not constantly thinking about calories, steps, carbs, fat, sugar or whatever it is you’ve been made to feel you have to avoid!

Just as a side note, this goes for other areas of your life also.

Don’t spend your holiday worrying about the kids (if you’ve left them – lucky you) because you’ve (hopefully) left them with someone who is capable of changing a nappy or boiling an egg. Or worrying whether you left the light or your hair straightener on – disasters are very rare, so focus on your holiday, yourself and having fun.

Now this isn’t a green light to spend your holiday sat in Mc Donalds eating all the food. It’s a green light to simply enjoy your holiday. Eating more crappy food than you normally would will make you feel sick, full and tired which aren’t the makings of a very fun trip away.

Instead, here are my tips on happy holiday eating:

  1. Decide on what you want to eat – get food you really want and will enjoy.
  2. Pick a nice wine to go with it and get water too.
  3. Eat the lovely food slowly, chew lots and really taste it.
  4. Order another glass of wine.

Some of you may think that my tips are a little unconventional especially for a nutritionist but this is exactly how I eat on holidays. We have enough to be dealing with in our everyday lives; a break from it all is not only nice, it’s absolutely necessary.

Of course, you can also enjoy a holiday without wine and ice-cream, and you’ll actually find that the more changes you make towards a better lifestyle over the years the more you will crave better quality foods anyways.

But for now, pick the food you want, eat slowly and enjoy!