For the last twelve years, I have been searching everywhere for a cure to my daughters eczema. Honestly; trips to far off places around the world was next on the agenda.

I truly thought the only answer was in a little village somewhere in Africa, where a witch doctor had discovered the cure using a rare plant that grows nowhere else!

That’s how helpless I felt trying to ease her irritation and sometimes pain.

Countless creams, steroids, trips to doctors, dermatologists. And a ridiculous amount of money spent. I was just about to give up.

As she grew older, the rash intensified and spread with the onset of puberty. A simple workout or playing sport would exacerbate the symptoms. Her skin would flare up if she sweated and her skin would burn.

Looking through Facebook one day, I saw a post from a lady who sells Juice PLUS+.

She had posted a ‘before’ and ‘after’ picture of a child with eczema. The ‘after’ picture was taken a few weeks after the child had taken their chewy berries. The child was completely clear. Was this possible?

So I decided to contact her and explain my desperate situation. I asked her to confirm that the child in the picture had  indeed been cured by the berries. She confirmed. This very well-educated lady in her job could answer every question and concern I had about Juice PLUS+.

Yes, it was a more expensive way to go, but if I added up the price of all the creams and doctors over the last 12 years…This had to work!

I felt it wouldn’t hurt to try this one last thing. So after discussing it with my daughter, I decided to give it a go.

Within one month the eczema had gone off most of her body!

Her skin had cleared. It had worked! When she trained, she had no skin irritation. No flare-ups.

She still has sensitive skin but the berries have kept it under control. She takes two each morning with her breakfast and that’s it. No creams, no special shower gels or shampoos, no medications or dermatologists. Just the berries.

Worth every penny!

For more information about Juice PLUS+ berries, follow the link here or contact Geraldine Mc Guinness at


Please note we are not affiliated in any way with Juice PLUS+. This article is my own personal experience in finding a cure for my daughters eczema.