She draped herself seductively across the bed and watched in mild amusement as he made his way nervously from the bathroom across the deep pile carpet.

She flashed a smile that she knew would put him at ease.

This was not her first rodeo after all, even if it was his. She almost felt sorry for the poor lamb as he awkwardly climbed into the bed beside her, fumbling to remove his boxer shorts.

“Here, let me” she purred. She slid the garment down his legs and straddled him, all in one seamless, silky movement. She pushed her hair back over her shoulders, pausing there for a moment, allowing him to admire her more than ample breasts.

He made no attempt to look anywhere else, and she felt him react. It was clear to both of them who was in charge now. She pinned his hands above his head, and then slid hers down his arms, his chest and took him – first in her hands, then fully.

Even though he was young and fit, he was inexperienced and excitable, and so the whole event was over in a matter of minutes. She strolled to the wardrobe to get her dressing gown, leaving him panting on the bed.

“Wow!” he exclaimed, “That was incredible Eve. Or is it Eva?”

“Honey, you can call me whatever you want, just leave the money on the dressing table on your way out…”