“Morning girl, how are you?”

“Yeah grand, drop off was painful this morning. Some mornings she’s great, I get a hug and a kiss and she waves me off. Today then she’s screaming her head off at me not to leave. Three year old’s are crazy.”

“I know what you mean, even the school drop off still takes me ages. I was dropping Chloe to school and she was going on and on about her imaginary friend Luca.”

“He sounds very exotic!”

“Honestly, it’s a bit creepy. She told me he is French and doesn’t speak any English, and that he lives in our house because his parents were murdered and that he actually saw them being murdered so he can’t go back to France.”

“So how did he get here then?”

“You did hear me say imaginary friend, didn’t you?”

“Oh yeah sorry, it was just so detailed I got caught up in the story. Christ, she has some imagination doesn’t she?”

“It freaks me out! Like when I’m driving the car, she’s whispering to him or getting angry and telling him to leave her alone. I don’t know what to do.”

“Maybe suggest to her that Luca goes back to France to find some cousins or something. Amy told me on the way to crèche that her energy speaks to her. Now what the hell does that mean?!”

“Hahahahahaa her energy? What did you say?”

“I just smiled and nodded. She told me yesterday her energy wasn’t happy with her, that after the birthday party her energy was really angry and needed to rest. I honestly don’t know where I got her from, the stuff they come out with!”

“I know, I’m waiting for Chloe to do something destructive and then be like; ‘Luca told me to do it mom!’ She’s got the perfect excuse with a psychologically damaged French boy living in her bedroom. Why couldn’t she have a normal imaginary friend called Fred who makes daisy chains in the garden or something.”

“Girl. What are we in for when they are teenagers? I am dreading it. Come here, I gotta go, I have an exciting morning ahead of me on the aisles of Tesco buying groceries…lucky me!”

“Alright girl, have fun. I’ll see you tomorrow.”