“Morning girl, how are you?”

“Yeah not too bad, same old ding dong. Got the morning rush out of the way. As much as I love my family, I also love waving them off on a Monday morning. Having a child free coffee is bliss. How was your weekend?”

“It was good, pretty chilled. We watched a movie Saturday night ‘A Quiet Place’. Have you seen it?”

“No but the title makes it sound riveting.”

“It’s a thriller starring Emily Blunt; it’s really good but not at all relaxing to watch. It’s about this family trying to survive when these monster alien thingys with supersonic hearing have killed most of the population. The only way they can survive is staying quiet. They have to speak to each other in sign language, even if they make the smallest sound they will die.”

“JESUS. My kids would be dead in seconds.”

“Oh yeah, same here. Mine would be the first to go – two girls constantly fighting would have us all dead. It is an excellent movie but not great if you suffer from any type of anxiety.”

“Yeah I’d probably go for something funny if I was able to stay up long enough to sit through a whole movie. We usually watch so many trailers that by the time we agree on one it’s too late to watch it.”

“So when I was watching the movie, scared out of my mind, out of the corner of my eye I see Zoe just standing there. Her hair was all over her face. It was like something out of the Exorcist, I almost shat myself. Literally levitated off the couch! There’s a thriller on the TV and my own child standing in the doorway like a zombie. I jumped out of my skin.”

“Oh my God, that’s hilarious.”

“Sam said if we lived in America and I had a gun, I would have shot my own child. That’s how bad it was. She scared the bejesus out of me.”

“Hahahahahhaaha! Maybe she had it planned and knew exactly what she was doing.”

“You know what, I wouldn’t put it past her! The first time she sleepwalks and we happen to be watching a terrifying movie, like, what are the chances of that?”

“Speaking of ‘A Quiet Place’, I’ve got to go home and get a million boring jobs done while my house is quiet. Thanks for the movie recommendation, I want to watch it but am probably too much of a scaredy cat.”

“No problem girl, I’m going to stay here and finish this child free coffee in peace.”

“Enjoy girl.”

“Oh don’t you worry, I will savour every second. See ya.”