This recipe is so fresh and honestly, I would much prefer to eat this than a take-away. People think I am lying when I say we rarely have a take-away. The frugal Mammy in me is screaming internally “I can make this for €5 and I have most of the ingredients in already!

Plus the fact that we live 15 k away from the nearest Chinese means that we have to drive to get it. (Again, frugal Mammy, “Think of the petrol costs!”)

So this is the kind of recipe I might knock up on a Saturday night if I am feeling that way inclined. But it’s also great for lunchtime as well because it only takes 20 minutes on a good day. I like to be frugal with my time too!

Don’t be afraid of the fish sauce, it gives a lovely salty flavour but is not majorly fishy. You can get it in any of the main supermarkets.

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 10 minutes

Serves: 5 (more for lunch)



1 pack of medium egg noodles

20 prawns, raw

1 yellow pepper

1 green pepper

2 large carrots

A handful of sugar snap peas

1 large onion

2 inches of ginger

3 garlic cloves

2 green chilis

4 lemongrass stalks

20 ml soy sauce

20 ml fish sauce

1 vegetable stock pot

1.5 litres of water



Step 1:

First off, boil the kettle for the water. Start chopping and peeling the vegetables. So I like everything to be chopped very fine except the sugar snap peas. Tip: I also have very fussy children, so I don’t slice the chilis at all. I cut the stalks off and then pop them in whole. When I am serving up, I fish them out and cut them up to put on my dish!

Step 2:

Get a large pot on your hob. Add a glug of oil; I like to use sesame oil. Heat it up. Add in the chopped garlic and onion, grate the ginger in at this point as well and sweat it for a minute. Take the lemongrass and with a rolling pin give it a good bash. (Cooking = stress relief!) Add that into the pot, whole. Pop in the chilis and all of the vegetables next.

Step 3:

When the veggies are gone a little softer, pour in the hot water, stock pot, soy sauce and fish sauce. Break up the noodles. Put them into the pot. Let that cook for five minutes, then have a little taste. You can add more seasoning to suit if you like. For the last five minutes, pop in your prawns. They are fully cooked when they are a lovely pink colour and not translucent anymore. This takes a matter of minutes.

Step 4:

Divide into bowls. Don’t serve the lemongrass, it’s only there for flavour, it does not taste amazing on its own! It’s at this point I remove the chilis and chop them up to put on to my own dish. To serve, I like to add extra chili and coriander, if you’re in the minority of coriander lovers like me. A squeeze of lime finishes it off nicely too!

And there you have it. In the time it takes to collect the take-away I have prepared, cooked, eaten and washed up after the meal. And saved my money! It’s a win for the Frugal Mammy…