Well I gave in folks and succumbed to World Cup fever. I enjoyed a few matches, mostly the ones that went to penalty shoot outs. Oh the excitement, trying to call who would score and who wouldn’t!

But the one thing I have learned from watching these matches is how our children look up to footballers. They see them as idols, someone to follow. But this is not always the case.

Some are terrible role models.

During the match, when the referee called a foul, a free kick or whatever, the facing up to the referee by some of the players was disgraceful. As a mother, I just wanted to slap them and give them a time out for being so brazen. I found myself shouting at the players on the TV telling them to behave!

Well they were acting like a bunch of spoiled brats!

We need to bring in the sin bin, like rugby, for soccer players. This diving onto the ground and blaming the opposition when it’s as clear as day they were tripped up by an uncut blade of grass or a sudden gust of wind. It is actually laughable!

The Neymar joke that has gone viral is hilarious and so true; young children dribbling the ball down the pitch during a training session, the trainer blows the whistle and they all fall to the ground moaning and groaning pretending to be injured.

How can we let our children, who really love the game, hold these people on a pedestal?

These professional footballers have a responsibility to act accordingly, both on and off the pitch. They make their money from sponsorships of big brands. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery; these players should respect and understand that.

They are very highly paid athletes in the spotlight, day and night. A lot do good with their earnings and fame. Ronaldo is one of the most generous that we know of. (Although he has had many a diving moment too, and will probably have many more during his career!)

Maybe in soccer academy they also have to master acting roles; sudden death falls, the imaginary falling over that long blade of grass…?

Suarez has had a few teething problems in the past to say the least! (Sorry couldn’t resist.) I mean a grown man biting another grown man. Seriously?

Okay, I know I am dragging up the past here but he is a prime example. They say a toddler bites because they are feeling afraid or frustrated. What excuse does a grown man have?!

We need to let our children know that yes, these players are skilled, successful athletess but with this success comes responsibility to be a good person and act accordingly.

If any of us parents are lucky to have a successful child makes it as a soccer player, make sure they buy you that villa in the south of France! And give them a clip around the ear if they act out…